2014-07-05 15:16:40 by otomepalace

I posted a new update for Memento Dears. Its now playable on Mac and Linux, in addition to Windows.


Memento Dears is an otome visual novel/ datesim.



2014-06-04 08:13:51 by otomepalace

The June 15 deadline is getting close!

I havent managed much progress though. Construct keeps crashing on me :(

It just doesnt agree with my graphics card, I guess?? Donno, but it gets annoying when Im in the middle of building and I forgot to hit save every 10 seconds. So far this is what the thing looks like:


I want to make a sneaky stealth type game.

Using premade graphics from rpg forums, all permissible. The character sprite will change though, not sure about it...

Ive got movement and enemies functioning so far, not a full game yet. I may not make the contest but I'll continue poking around in construct 2 and if I manage something I'll post it to NG eventually.


2014-05-01 16:40:23 by otomepalace

Im really excited for the theme of the construct 2 contest! I already think about the future a lot, where could I be 16 years from now??? Who knows... hopefully sitting on a tropical beach somewhere, sipping a fruity drink! 24/7 vacation.

Cliche self future visions aside, Ive got lots of game ideas swirling around in my head right now. Its hard to hone in on just one though, lol. Which ever one I choose needs to be accomplished in a 1 month and 1/2 time scope, thats something I'll keep in mind.

Also, I started working in Construct 2 lately. Ive done a few of the tutorials on Scirra's website. So far, Ive noticed how nice and streamlined everything is. Its very very easy to use! I wish this interface layout was in MMF2! :P

I'll try to post more updates periodically on this NG blog as my little Game Jam Dev Diary-thingy.

Construct Jam!

2014-04-29 14:17:12 by otomepalace

Just noticed there's going to be a Contruct 2  jam next month.

Ive really wanted to give Contruct 2 a try and this seems like the perfect excuse. I already use a similiar program to make my games now, which is MMF2. I think Construct was created by an previous MMF developer?? ...Dont remember.

Anyway, depending on the theme I might give it a try, we'll see ^_^

Happy Halloween!

2013-10-31 09:32:39 by otomepalace

These are some characters from my upcoming Visual Novel Game.
Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, so I had to make something for it.

Happy Halloween!